Fashion is a MUST
Love isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be worth it

Someday soon when I wake up to my boyfriend still asleep next to me in our own place, I’ll realize that all this was worth it in the end. I miss him. Going through this point in my life without the one person I want to spend every moment with has been so difficult….but without him, I don’t know what I’d do. I can’t believe how far we’ve come already, but for the first time I know what love is. I know that in the past, I’ve spent hours wondering what I could have done differently or what went wrong…or even what changed. Gaurav’s different though. The only thing wrong with our relationship….is that we don’t get to be together nearly as much as we want to. Love isn’t easy, but in the end, it’ll definitely be worth it.

life is teasing me ;\

Have you ever been so close to getting something that you have wanted for so long but you can’t even have it. You can’t touch, hug it, cuddle with it, let alone see it. The only thing you can do is hope and pray that one day you will. ILYGaurav

Mini cam date with thee love was AMAZING :D I’ve never been so happy in my life! [G] I love you all the way from Texas to Canada & way way more.